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We are members and candidates helping candidates. The purpose of this site is to give support in preparing for your election and to offer new and existing candidates with a central place to find everything required to execute an effective campaign.
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Popular Merchandise
Everyone Loves Swag: Give | Sell | Promote
Baseball Caps
Quality embroidered purple baseball cap with white PPC lettering
The GE Group
Embroidered T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats and Promotional Products.
the GE Group
Lawn Signs
Light weight bag signs with rigid frame. Business Cards, Post Cards and Rack Cards
PPC Pro Shop
Post Cards
Post Cards, Rack Cards and custom business cards
PPC Pro Shop
Support services
Branded Merchandise, Lawn Signs, Giveaways, Templates
Branded Merchandise

Everything from apparel to promotional products that can help you raise money and leave a lasting impression during events, rallies, door knocking..

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Business Cards, Door Hangers, Flyers, Posters, Lawn Signs, .

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Marketing Tools

Design Templates, Resources, Upcoming events, How-to Guides, Support groups, War room chats.

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How to Guide for Campaigning
Do's and Don'ts to campaigning before and after an election is called. Legal resources, Elections Canada links and resources. Information from experienced Candidates.
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Elections Canada Resources

Links for candidates to to help you work within the parameters of elections Canada,

Campaign Do's and Don'ts

Familiarize yourself with the People's Party of Canada Platform. Gain insight into how you can phrase messaging to effectively delivery information to constituents.

Legal Links and Resources

The Government serves the people. Knowing the law is paramount to determine how to campaign as well as guiding our constituent's votes as it relates to the PPC platform. .

Your Support Team
Vahid Seyfaie
Mississauga-Lakeshore PPC Candidate 
Gilbert Jubinville
Oakville North-Burlington PPC Candidate
Our Members and volunteers give us the support we need to campaign. They buy our merchandise, display lawn signs, and donate to our party. They are among our voter base. It's nice to be able to give back. A little swag goes a long way.
Vahid Seyfaie